Enhance Your Smile!

Our dentist and team offer dental veneers in Charlottesville, Virginia. Veneers are a terrific way to enhance the appearance of a single tooth or every visible tooth in your smile. Dr. Nicholas Bottorff can use veneers to improve the size, shape or color of a tooth, and you can call Elevated Dentistry at 434-212-6544 to learn more.

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells designed to fit perfectly over the front surfaces of your teeth. Veneers work to give you a flawless, picture-perfect smile that you can feel confident sharing with others for years to come.

Our dentist may recommend veneers to correct imperfections such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Severely stained teeth
  • Crooked or misshapen teeth
  • Spaced or gapped teeth

Dental veneers typically require two appointments to complete. At the first appointment, our dentist will take impressions, help you choose the correct shade of white for your veneers and prepare your teeth to receive veneers. The impressions will then be sent to a dental lab, where your veneers will be created. At the second appointment, our dentist will check that your veneers fit properly before bonding them in place and polishing them to complete your smile.

For more information about dental veneers and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist, please contact our office today!