Elevating the Standard of Care

At Elevated Dentistry, technology meets artistry in a modern, relaxing atmosphere you can look forward to visiting.

Take some time for yourself and your smile! We offer comprehensive, custom dental treatments so you can look and feel your best.

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Dr Nicholas Bottorff


Meet Nicholas Bottorff, DDS

Our smiles profoundly influence various aspects of our lives, from our confidence and communication to our everyday comfort, so I believe taking care of your smile should be a visit you look forward to. At Elevated Dentistry we provide not only the highest quality of comprehensive dental care, we also strive to ensure each patient has an exceptional experience, making your visit feel more like self-care than the traditional dental appointment. I invite you to experience how we’re Elevating the Standard of Care.

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Receiving dental implants is a two-part process, both of which can be expertly done at Elevated Dentistry. The dental implant itself acts as a replacement root for an extracted tooth, which also keeps bone from deteriorating, causing advanced aging. Placement of an implant crown completes the "restoration" of the once missing tooth, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.


Not smiling as much as you should? Invisalign clear aligners are nearly invisible and easily removable, while also capable of treating most orthodontic issues, such as misaligned teeth, crooked or crowded teeth, and abnormal bites (open bite, overbite, or underbite). Misaligned teeth or bite issues are more than just an aesthetic concern, as they can cause irregular tooth erosion and periodontal disease. Invisalign clear aligner therapy lowers your risk of tooth loss and gum disease due to misalignment. If you're self conscious about your smile, Invisalign is the clear choice to smile with confidence.


Veneers are the fastest way to achieve your ideal smile. Whether the issue is wear and tear, uneven teeth, damage, size, or discoloration, porcelain veneers are a custom made, permanent solution that are tailored to your unique smile and desires.


We hope that you never need to see us for an extraction, but if you do, we will do all we can to ensure your comfort and get you out of pain, as well as guiding you in aftercare and restorative options.


Dental restorations make whole what was once missing. Over time, decay breaks down the tooth structure, causing cavities that, if not addressed, can create more serious dental issues. Elevated Dentistry offers comprehensive restorative solutions to keep our patient smiles healthy.

Same-Day Crowns

In the past, receiving a crown would require you to spend weeks with an uncomfortable and sensitive temporary restoration. Thanks to modern dental technology, however, you can get your new crown made and fitted in just one appointment, allowing you to walk out of our office completely confident in your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Tooth pain getting you down? Come in for root canal therapy to get relief! This gentle dental treatment may have a reputation as being painful, but it is exactly the opposite! With a root canal, our dentist can take pain and discomfort away and let you smile with ease again.


Elevated Dentistry offers personalized denture solutions to enhance your smile and quality of life. From traditional to implant-supported options, discover how we can restore functionality and confidence with our custom-fit dentures.


Why Choose Us?

Dr. B and the staff at Elevated Dentistry are just wonderful. The moment you walk in you are welcomed with kindness and the desire to provide care. From Heather the office manager, to the care of Erica and Marguerite, to Dr. B’s expertise, an experience at the dentist though can be anxiety inducing for some, is so incredibly pleasant. They even gave me sparkling water while I was waiting for the numbing agent to kick in. Whether you go twice a year or haven’t been in 10 years, their care goes above and beyond. Thank you Elevated Dentistry staff!!

- Mariko D.

I am 60 years old and have lived all over so you can imagine how many Dentists I have had. That being said Doctor B and his staff are the best that I have ever had. Let’s face it no one really loves going to the Dentist but Doctor B and his staff make it enjoyable. And on top of that he does great work , a true professional and perfectionist. I have recommended a number of people to Elevated Dentistry and they have all thanked me for doing so.

- Richard P.

This was my first experience at Elevated Dentistry. I had to get a root canal and crown placed. Seeing as this was my first time getting those procedures done, I was a bit nervous. I am tremendously impressed with how quickly I was able to get an appointment and the care I received during my time at Elevated Dentistry. Pre procedure, Dr. B, and his staff took the time to explain the ins and outs of what was to be done. They answered any questions that I had and were quite kind throughout. I highly recommend this practice as, Dr. B, and his staff are extremely professional and skilled. My procedure was painless and my tooth looks great. Overall, I would give my experience a 10/10.

- Leah B.

I am new to town and woke up one morning with a pretty bad toothache. I called elevated dentistry after hours and left a message on their emergency line. They called me back at 8:05 AM the next morning and got me in right away. Everyone was really nice and professional. The offices were spotless. After reviewing an x-ray the dentist couldn’t find any infection or fracture on the tooth that hurt. He spent a great deal of time explaining to me that something had happened to my tooth that created trauma and he believed that doing nothing and waiting was the best course of action And that it would likely clear up on its own. Two days later my mouth is fine and it did indeed clear up on its own. I really appreciate the conservative approach he took on my teeth.

- Heidi G.

I had an incisor with a side filling breaking away with part of the tooth along with it. I called Elevated and they made an appointment for me the very next day. Wow! I was in and out in less than 90 minutes, with a perfectly built tooth that looked like it had been there my whole life. The color matched exactly. Once Dr. B evaluated me, Caitlyn came back quickly with a plan for the procedure, showed me what my insurance would cover, then asked me if my out-of-pocket cost was acceptable. How often does THAT happen in a provider's office?!? I can't think of a single thing this team could have done any better. You will not be disappointed with Elevated Dentistry!

- Bob R.